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It is our experience that many candidates engaged in job searches become frustrated by recruiters who are keen to over-sell the opportunities they are working on and give mis-guided and often dishonest appraisals of the companies they represent.

We break this outdated model

We have always been choosy about the companies we work with. We strive to ensure that the various recruitment projects we handle involve the most exciting projects and require the most up-to-date skillsets. We have worked hard to forge our reputation as the recruitment supplier of choice to technology companies with established reputations for excellence, or who are working on cutting-edge ventures or products. We are known for being able to supply access to some of the most technically and personally challenging and exciting positions the UK technology industry has to offer. And, above all, we know that not every job that we tell you about is right for you.

Significantly, we seek out employers who are stable as well as exciting within niche areas including IT Security & Data Storage, iDTV & Digital Broadcast, Mobile Technology, New Media, Interactive Design & Search, Enterprise Content and Document Management, GIS, Mapping, Cartography & Spatial Data, Speech Recognition Technology, Biometrics & Digital Identity, Technology Consultancy & Professional Services and Ultra-High Technology, and are becoming the career partners of choice for many technical, sales, marketing, managerial and executive staff.

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