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Your recruitment brand communicates to employees and prospects what your company stands for, making it essential that you work on your Recruitment Brand if you aspire to become an employer of choice. A Recruitment Brand encompasses all of the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and ideas that candidates and employees associate with your company as a potential place to work.

Building a recruitment brand

This means creating and communicating a compelling and unique perception of your company in the minds of target candidates and employees which attracts, subtly encourages and retains them. Your Recruitment Brand best describes what it feels like to work for your organisation.

Benefits of an effective recruitment brand
  • Motivates 'target' candidates to choose you as an employer
  • Promotes strong external Public Relations through 'word of mouth'
  • Allows for greater consistency of message when 'selling' to applicants during the hiring process
  • Enables external recruiters to accurately explain your mission, culture, ethics and goals to potential candidates without direct experience of having worked as an employee of the business
  • Strengthens internal philosophy in what teams of individuals are trying to achieve as a whole and improves retention
  • As your Recruitment Brand is strengthened and you begin to successfully attract the best and most talented candidates, you evolve into an Employer of Choice.
There are several obvious benefits to using an Idealpeople Recruitment Consultant to help identify your Recruitment Brand, not least because they have daily experience of communicating and selling opportunities to applicants and are acutely aware of what people do or don't 'buy into'. Through contact with HR Departments or line managers Idealpeople recruiters will already have talked about the pull-factors, selling points or USPs the employer puts forward in order to fire the interest of potential applicants.

If you are an active Idealpeople customer, with more than five active requirements current (live permanent vacancies), we can offer free initial consultation that will begin to help you develop your Recruitment Brand.

The initial process is limited, but will encompass:
  • Internal Staff Research
  • Candidate/Prospect Research
  • Brand promotion Brainstorm Workshops
  • Employer 'Elevator Pitch'
  • Employer of choice 'Management Workshops'
  • Careers Website critique and/or re-design
Whilst there is an extra cost to some of these programmes, you should remember, it's in our interest as well as yours to get it right!

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