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Technology companies hiring for specific experience or skill-sets often find that the recruitment process is drawn out by the time it takes to interview candidates whose CVs look great but whose technical skills or experience don’t stand up to scrutiny. Too many third-party suppliers are happy to send a candidate’s CV without really exploring the level and depth of experience that candidate has.

Unlike most recruiters, we understand the real meaning behind the complex terms, concepts and acronyms that populate our industry. Ask our competitors to explain what SOA is, or the fundamental theory behind distributed OO architectures and you will receive blank stares from most - but answers from us.

This allows us to do two things – firstly, we present a credible front to candidates being considered for your opportunities, something that's essential to a flawless recruitment process. Secondly, we are able to use our deep knowledge and understanding – and six years’ of continual interviewing to screen candidates in core technical and competency areas – saving you time wasted interviewing candidates who look fantastic on paper but whose technical skills are not in line with your requirements. We’re confident that we can screen people in the vast majority of technical areas – and if we can’t, we’ll work with you to find out and deliver what you need to know about the skill-levels of our candidates.

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