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70% Struggling to Recruit

The hot news in the Idealpeople HQ this morning is that, according to the Institute of Engineering and Technology, some 70% of Engineering and Technology companies are struggling to recruit the appropriate level of talent for their businesses. This is, it appears, evidence of long-standing belief, and is based around a survey of 500 technology companies.

Recruitment struggles lead to all sorts of complications for those involved at the cutting-edge of technology. In fiercely competitive markets, the lack of access to suitable levels of talent causes repercussions for growth, market position and technological development.

Combined with the news that technology giants Microsoft are struggling with the recruitment of 100 technical staff for it's Advanced Technology Centre in China (despite interest from some 120,000 candidates) it seems the problem isn't just confined to these shores, and is felt just as much by the brand names as it does for SMEs and start-ups, although for the UK - where the educational system is currently struggling to produce suitably-qualified IT professionals, and where the rules on immigration of skilled workers are tightening - the pinch is being felt particularly hard.

However, whilst companies must focus on retention, training and development of staff, there's still plenty of hope for companies struggling with hiring.

According to Nick Gallimore, Idealpeople's Operations Manager, the answer to these problems lies in moving away from standard recruitment models.

He said, "Recruiting appropriate levels of talent has been a problem for the vast majority of technology companies throughout the last ten years.

"The recent, noticeable skills shortage can be solved by adopting a wider-reaching recruitment methodology: companies working with suppliers who focus purely on traditional channels, including advertising and searching on-line CV databases, are restricting the target candidate audience to as little as 4% of the potential talent pool. By adopting a methodology which gives access to the entire candidate marketplace, and by understanding and strengthening their Recruitment Brand, these recruitment struggles can be greatly diminished, leading to a much easier path to growth."

It's often forgotten that as many as 85% of IT Professionals would change jobs if offered better terms, more career progression and a better working environment, yet only 10% are actively seeking a new job at any one time.

Idealpeople customers benefit from a methodology which enables us to approach the entire candidate pool by not relying on attracting only those currently in the market for a new position, but by reaching out to the entire talent market to attract and hire the skills needed.

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