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Are you dressed to impress?

Did you know that 93% of first impressions are based on the way you look, your body language and the sound of your voice, and only 7% down to the words you use?

With this in mind, have you ever thought about the impact of the clothes you wear and your own personal “style” on your success at job interviews?

Idealpeople have, which is why we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with leading image consultancy Green and Brown.  Offering a wide range of services from personal style consultations, to accompanied shopping trips and complete wardrobe makeovers, Green and Brown have a proven track record in ensuring a professional but individual look for all, through the correct combination of colours, styles and finishing touches – perfect for ensuring you look your best at crucial first-stage meetings.

In IT / Technology companies particularly, there is a "socks & sandals", "beard", and "nerdy / scruffy" view from outsiders looking in. With the proliferation of Technology Services companies, there is now a greater need than ever to be presentable in front of customers, which means this will be looked upon at interview.  Are you dressed to impress?

We’ve always been strong advocates of the “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” mantra, and we’re confident that this venture will improve the chances of all Idealpeople candidates in securing that dream job by ensuring the perfect first impression is made at interview. By combining our expertise in effective interview techniques with Green and Brown’s knowledge of style and personal presentation, all of our candidates will now be able to approach their interviews ready to truly stand out.
Elaine Boddy, Founder of Green and Brown, is also delighted with the partnership, saying: “I am excited to be working with Idealpeople and offering their candidates a unique opportunity to maximise on first impressions and create a positive impact. How people dress can affect their success in interviews - this will ensure that the candidates of Idealpeople are only ever judged on their skills".

For more information on Green and Brown, take a look at, or contact Elaine at or on 01908 316389.

If you’re an Idealpeople candidate looking for more information on this venture, please contact Nigel Edgecombe at or on 01908 562743.

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