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Biometrics Division Gathering Pace

In 2003, the Government announced that it would soon be a legal requirement for every UK resident to carry an ID card storing information allowing them to be identified on the back of unique physical features – including fingerprints and irises. The storm this caused was inevitable, but one thing is for sure – the Biometrics industry is profiting enormously.

Whilst the roots of the Biometrics industry can be traced as far back as the Egyptian era, it’s only recently - with the advancements of technology, increasing awareness of security issues, and the ID cards proposal - that the industry has become headline news. Private and public sector organisations throughout the world are now preferring Biometrics-related identity and authentication systems over less secure password based systems. Inevitably, demand for Smartcard systems (such as the one used being proposed by the Government), which will revolutionise the way we trade, gain access to services and products, verify identity, and establish and influence relationships, has led to significant industry growth.

Idealpeople have been making significant waves in this area, having launched a specialist Biometrics and Digital Identity division in June 2006. Headed by Dominic Spinelli, the Division has focussed on supplying industry-recognised professionals into leading vendors and consultancies whose core business centres on Pattern Recognition, Smartcards, RFID, Identity Management, Image Processing and NFC technology. We are now partnered with several leading Biometrics companies, and have helped many professionals in the field find new positions through our blend of contingency, executive search, networking and pro-active candidate career searches.

As the demand for this technology grows, Idealpeople will stay at the forefront of this exciting vertical. So, to find out more about the opportunities we’re working on, or to find out whether we can help your company in attracting the top talent in Biometrics and Digital Identity out there, contact Dominic at, or call 01908 565910.

Alternatively, please feel free to download our Biometrics and Digital Identity Brochure (PDF).

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