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Our commitment to confidentiality

Personal data

Idealpeople's goal in collecting personal data is to provide you with the most personalised service possible. By knowing more about you, Idealpeople is able to deliver a better service.

In general, personal information is requested when you contact us to look for employment or to search for a candidate to fill a vacancy. Applicants are asked for basic information including their name, address, work experience, education and skills, for example. The amount of personal information applicants are asked to provide will normally be limited to only that which is necessary for us to supply our services in a professional manner.

We will also use your contact information to send you e-mail messages about our company or job postings. Only Idealpeople (or agents working on behalf of Idealpeople) will send you these direct mailings. You may opt out of receiving future mailings via e-mail. At no time will we release your personal information without your consent and data that is collected from you will be retained or destroyed according to company requirements and prevailing laws.

Opt out

Idealpeople offers its clients and applicants choices about receiving further communications from us as well as about allowing information to be used for purposes other than those for which it was provided and about transferring data to third parties. You may telephone or email us at any time to ask us to remove your information from our mailing or marketing lists.

Accuracy and access

Idealpeople ensures that personal information is accurate, complete and current and provides individuals with reasonable access to personal information so that it can be reviewed and corrected.


Idealpeople takes care to secure personal information given to us by our clients and applicants using various security practices and measures in order to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access, destruction, or disclosure. This is irrespective of whether information is stored in manual or electronic systems.

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