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Idealpeople in China  

Based on Idealpeople’s long-standing experience recruiting in Europe, now we are exploring the Asian markets, particularly in China!

China is the most important economy in the World. We are keen on expanding Idealpeople coverage in an increasingly 'globalised' candidate market and bringing the highest and most exacting standards of service.

As a highly-respected worldwide recruitment firm, we provide the high standards of executive search, critical career development guidance and advice to APAC professionals. We help market-leading multinational organizations to develop their talent pool whilst ensuring the demands of fast-paced Asian business are met.

China is a huge opportunity and we've got off to a very good start with Microsoft, Visto, and Ubisoft. We have built a strong reputation in Europe, the US and Asia as a company you can rely on to successfully assist with the most important activity any organization can ever do…hire top talent.

Our goal is to have a local office in Beijing by Q4 2007.

We look forward to working for your organization about opportunities in China and APAC. For more details, contact our Head of APAC,

Jessie Wang –

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