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We speak the language of your industry

IT professionals interested in exploring potential career opportunities often find themselves inundated with phone calls from recruiters about positions which aren’t relevant to their skillset or interests, are in the wrong location and which are generally inappropriate. This leads to wasted time and energy during what is always a stressful time for those seeking new jobs.

It’s also fair to say that the vast majority of recruiters can’t get to grips with the plethora of acronyms, concepts and terminology which populate every corner of the technology world, which often leave candidates frustrated by a lack of understanding what they actually do and what they can offer future employers.

We break this outdated model

We take our understanding of the specialist markets as seriously as we take our understanding of the companies we partner with. By developing a deep understanding of these complex areas of technology, we are able to cut down the time it takes for our candidates to complete the interview process, uncover more appropriate opportunities and are able to unpick skill-sets and achievements, avoiding wasting your time with inappropriate opportunities.

We achieve this by educating our Consultants and encouraging them to specialise in specific verticals, meeting with our customers and inviting industry specialists and thought leaders to our offices to educate us.

Idealpeople are an obvious choice if you’re looking for a Recruitment company who can understand your background and the value you can offer future employers.


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