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We work with you, not against you

One of the problems associated with working with agencies to find your next position is the fact that often, you will find yourselves dealing with multiple agencies on multiple vacancies, leading to constant phone calls from different people and a headache when managing your search.

We break this outdated model

We take time to get to know what drives you and what makes you tick, as well as being able to interpret your skillset. This approach enable us to be able to work with you to approach companies that you are interested in working for, even if we don’t have any immediately obvious vacancies (or even if we do).

We have business relationships with the vast majority of tier 1 technology vendors and consultancies, and in those rare instances where we don’t, we’ll always be able to point you in the right direction.

Many Idealpeople candidates find our service to be more of a careers guidance service than the standard agency model offers. Get in touch to find out how our pro-active job search program can help you.

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