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3G and Wireless

Including Operating Systems, Middleware, Handset Design, User Interface, Chipsets, Bluetooth, Middleware, Content, Applications, GPS, and GIS

Idealpeople are perfectly poised to deal with complex staffing requirements in Wireless. Why?
  • Because, since our foundation in 2001, we have been privileged to partner with some of the most exciting 3G/Wireless companies in the world and successfully delivered to many ‘impossible to fill’ assignments.
  • Because we speak the language of the industry, understanding complex concepts, acronyms and terminology sufficiently to screen candidates more effectively and ensuring you get the right match in record time.
  • Because we have unsurpassed enthusiasm for the subject of Mobile Technology and can inspire your potential hires with your proposition by selling it to them accurately and with gusto.
  • Since hedging our bets in Wireless Idealpeople have developed an impressive global network of contacts and decision makers. This means we have ready access to hot skills and are able to work outside of simply advertising to generate candidates.
Our 3G and Wireless clients include:

The future of mobile devices and services

It is our belief that Mobile Devices and Services will be vital to future B2B IT applications and the primary computing device for consumers. As a consequence, we have been developing deep strategic relationships with small and large players in this sector that's poised for enormous growth.

Unlike most recruitment agencies, which tend not to understand emerging sectors to the level of detail needed to attract and select the best staff, we pride ourselves on our truly consultative knowledge of the 3G/Wireless market and are equipped to tackle even the most complex of requirements, whether these are for Bluetooth engineers, handset developers or marketing and business development staff.

Since our foundation, we have remained focused on delivering to client requirements in the 3G/Wireless industry. Frequent, high-profile advertising campaigns ensure that we can always offer our portfolio of highly qualified staff with experience in handset design/approval, UMTS network rollouts, MMS, J2ME & middleware application development to meet your needs.

A proven track record of success in the 3G and wireless sector

Idealpeople has led the recruitment of senior staff able to bridge the gap between technology and sales and articulate complex value propositions for a leading player in the mobile workforce sector.

Idealpeople is engaged to recruit technical specialists for the next generation of PDA devices due for release by a household name in mobile computing and wireless networking.

Idealpeople is actively managing recruitment projects for roles including Layer 1 GSM experts for a multinational mobile device company.

Idealpeople has secured 'Key European Supplier Status' to drive the European growth plans of an innovative US developer of middleware and handset technology.

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