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iDTV & Digital Broadcast

Including VoD, IPTV, STB, DVB, DAB, Embedded Browser Technology, DRM, Conditional Access, ISP/Hosting

As Interactive Digital Television (iDTV) technology continues its push towards making the television the consumer's primary computing device, many Idealpeople customers in these areas are enjoying the benefits of attracting and hiring world-class Technical, Sales, Marketing, Professional Services and Senior Management staff through Idealpeople.

As the technology’s influence and complexity grows, so does the demand for increasingly highly-skilled staff, with particular emphasis on niche technical skills, customer-facing staff able to bridge a widening gap between technology and customer and salespeople with the ability to spot opportunities in an evolving market. This leads to significant problems in attracting and hiring the right talent to push companies to the forefront of the industry and keep them there, with recruitment problems including excess time, pain and cost to hire.

Idealpeople’s unique approach to recruitment has helped solve these problems for a number of leading vendors and consultancies involved in digital TV, digital radio, set-top-boxes, video-on-demand, content protection and digital broadcast. By incorporating a mixture of search (headhunting and networking) and contingency (advertising, database search) recruitment methodologies, and through leveraging our significant technical understanding and an established screening process, we have been able to remove the pain and cost of hiring by attracting and introducing skilled professionals from the entire candidate marketplace, moving away from the traditional, severely limiting approach of targeting only those people currently involved in a job search.

We have established track-records with clients in this space, including:

· a leading player in the semiconductor industry supplying emerging consumer markets including digital TV and radio: we are one of only three suppliers engaged to recruit software, hardware and test engineers and other staff
· A leading supplier of content protection technologies, who have appointed Idealpeople as a key 'supplier of choice'. Idealpeople made its mark by undertaking - and successfully completing in a matter of weeks - a recruitment project that had challenged the client for months.
· a leading provider of broadband entertainment as the company's 'Top Tier Supplier', continuing a three-year relationship during which Idealpeople has successfully serviced technical and IT recruitment needs.

Our iDTV and Digital Broadcast clients include:

For more information on iDTV/Digital Broadcast recruitment at Idealpeople, contact Ollie Ward at ollie.ward@idealpeople.net, 0208 6106524, or download our brochure here.

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