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GIS, Mapping, Cartography & Spatial Data

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) – the tools used for the storage, analysis, querying and visualisation of spatial data - is giving rise some of the most powerful and useful tools in the technology world. With the massive uptake of satellite navigation systems (nobody gets lost anymore on the way to the Idealpeople HQ, so we know it works!), it’s easy to forget the vast potential this technology has. For instance, it’s used by governments for planning and zoning, property assessment and land records, parcel mapping and tracking, public safety and environment planning – and the potential for further use is huge.

With the increasing uptake, development and marketability of these technologies and the associated continual technological advancements, hiring the right talent to improve products and get them to market is posing a significant challenge for leading players and newcomers alike. Candidates with relevant skillsets are not easy to come by, and traditional recruitment channels fail when it comes to locating professionals working across R&D, Test, Product Management, Sales, Marketing and Professional Services with relevant GIS experience.

Idealpeople have been very active in this market since 2001, and have built up an exceptional knowledge of the sector and the technologies being used to deliver cutting-edge products. With an existing network of highly-skilled experts in GIS, Digital Mapping, Cartography and Spatial Data, plus our innovative techniques to attract otherwise hidden talent, many of the leading industry names already rely on Idealpeople to source suitable talent to deliver growth to their businesses. Some of these clients include:

To find out more about how we can help fulfil your hiring needs, please contact:

Nick Tooley (Sales Director and Head of GIS, Mapping, Cartography & Spatial Data) on 01908 562297, or at nick.tooley@idealpeople.net. Alternatively, download our brochure here.

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