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Since our inception in 2001, we’ve been acutely aware of that fact that recruiting Technology Sales & Marketing professionals is a completely different challenge to recruiting the R&D, Test/QA, Professional Services and Management staff that drive the development of products and services.

This is why we have a separate division focussed entirely on recruiting Sales & Marketing professionals for technology companies. We’re able to leverage the specific industry and technical knowledge we’ve gained through working in our specialist fields and combine it with expertise in attracting and spotting high-achieving salespeople and marketers – to ensure that we are able to solve the significant problems face by customers hiring for Sales & Marketing talent:

It’s hard to find people with experience in our industry
Salespeople with a background in your industry will bring with them product and industry know-how and existing networks of contacts – making it easier for them to achieve instant results. Given that we’re active in so many high-technology verticals, we have huge networks of salespeople working in your industry, allowing us to seek out and assess people with direct industry knowledge.

Mishiring Salespeople is very costly
The cost of mis-hiring salespeople can be as much as twenty-four times the basic salary of the candidate in question. This is why we take screening of candidates to the next level. We’ve been interviewing salespeople for six years, so we know how to get past great-looking CVs to separate great candidates from great CV writers. We can tailor our screening to your specific business needs, and document the answers given fully: giving you a CV and a complete interview breakdown. This gives our customers the confidence of understanding a candidate’s motivations, desires and track-record before interview.

Good salespeople don’t want to change job
It’s true that the vast majority of great salespeople don’t want or need to change job – they’re rarely laid off and their success makes them very highly valued by their current employers. This means that the high-performing candidates tend to be out of reach. Idealpeople customers benefits from the fact that not only do we know where the high-achievers are, but we also know how to approach them – giving them the confidence that the candidates we introduce are indicative of the entire talent pool, as opposed to the available candidate pool.

For more information on Sales & Marketing recruitment at Idealpeople, please contact: contact@idealpeople.net 01908 562785 or download the brochure here.


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