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Security & Storage

Including Secure Networking, Anti-Spam, Ant-Virus, Firewalls, Filtering, Encryption, DRM, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention, PKI, Smartcards, Audit & Compliance and Cryptography, NAS, SAN, Backup/Recovery, DAS, Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management.

In 2006, the IT Security and Storage markets were worth a cool $85million between them worldwide. As information becomes more complex, and as the need to secure and store ever-increasing volumes of information increase, both sectors continue to show massive growth. Improvements and shifts in technology, and the fiercely competitive nature of both industries mean that vendors, resellers, distributors and consultancies face significant problems in attracting and hiring the best talent the candidate marketplace has to offer. Traditional recruitment channels – advertising and pure contingency-focussed agency recruitment – struggle to pinpoint the necessary talent, and the focus on the active job-seeker often leaves companies experiencing significant recruitment-based delays, mistakes and pain.

Thankfully for companies already in this space, Idealpeople began focussing on IT Security and Data Storage way back in 2001, since when we’ve been taking active steps to reach out to and connect with industry-leading figureheads and star-players with a background in Development, Test/QA, Consultancy, Professional Services, Sales, Marketing, Product Management/Marketing and Senior Management.

Our unrivalled sourcing techniques, which leverage our already-large network, extensive headhunting and a combination of advertising, fuzzy logic and social networking have seen customers benefiting from our ability to connect with and enthuse the very best talent from within the industry, whether they are actively seeking new employment or not. Our industry-leading screening techniques mean that several leading security and storage technology companies have been able to hire the best quickly, with minimum pain and with minimum cost, leaving them to get on with their core business – developing the technology to store and secure technologies in this evolving world.

For more information on Security and Storage Recruitment with Idealpeople, contact Michael Wright at michael.wright@idealpeople.net or on 01908 565705, or download our specialist brochure here.

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