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New Media, Interactive Design & Web 2.0

The internet has had a huge impact on almost everything in the last ten years – and now has a huge central role in the way we do business, interact and consume media. With the success of Web 2.0, and increasing amounts of significance being placed in areas like SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Marketing, the internet’s role in Marketing and Selling services has never been greater.

Idealpeople’s dedicated New Media, Interactive Design & Search practice is already working with several leading Digital Marketing Agencies, Large on-line Brands, Web Delivery, Accessibility and Usability organisations, HCI Companies, Content Owners and Data Marketing Services companies, and have built up a vast network of professionals skilled in the areas of SEO, Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing, Content Aggregation, Copywriting and On-line Advertising.

The growth of this sector has led to an increasing demand for niche skills, and as the competition increases, the cost and pain associated with hiring people with the necessary skills are mounting up significantly. Candidates with the required backgrounds normally aren’t available through advertising alone, which leads to significant problems for companies relying on this channel, or on Recruitment suppliers who focus on it when it comes to speed, cost and ease of hiring. Customers turn to Idealpeople in the knowledge that our existing network and our headhunting reach allows then to assess talent from the entire candidate marketplace, and that our extensive screening techniques ensure that they are able to attract and hire people with the skills they need to ensure market-leading positions.

By leveraging your recruitment brand, our talent-hunting expertise and our ability to ensure that your vacancy is presented perfectly to the candidate audience, you can rely on us to deliver to even the most exacting requirements.

For more information on our New Media, Interactive Design & Search practice, or to arrange a no obligation phone call on how we can help save you time, hassle and money during your hiring programmes, please contact:

Andrew Dobbs (Head of New Media) at andrew.dobbs@idealpeople.net, 01908 562135


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