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Mobile Technology

Including: Mobile Communications, 3G, WiFi, Handsets, Protocols, Baseband Technology, RF Technology

An industry worth $74 billion worldwide in 2006, Mobile Technology’s popularity in the consumer and corporate markets is flourishing. With the emergence of ever more complex wireless gadgetry, physical location is becoming less of a barrier towards communication, media consumption, commerce and – ultimately – daily routine.

Idealpeople have worked hard to create an established foothold in the various mobile technology marketplaces, and are already working with some of the world’s most famous Platform Vendors, Chipset Manufacturers, Mobile Operators, Content Aggregators, Handset Manufacturers, Software Vendors and Games Developers.

As with other high-growth technology verticals, vendors, distributors and consultancies face a battle in a highly-competitive environment to attract, hire and retain industry-leading talent. Traditional recruitment channels, normally focussed purely on at attracting people currently actively involved in a job search (a severely limiting approach restricting audiences to 10% of the talent pool), are not sufficient to achieve recruitment goals, and typically lead to lost time and money and significant hiring pain. Thankfully, we’ve been active in the Mobile vertical since our inception in 2001, and have been interviewing, assessing and networking with industry-leaders and star players across R&D, Test/QA, Professional Services, Senior Management, Sales and Marketing every day since.

By leveraging our blended model of contingency (advertising, database search) and search (headhunting and networking) recruitment methodologies, combined with an industry-leading screening methodology, our clients are able to rest assured in the knowledge that the candidates we introduce represent the best from the entire industry. This leaves them to focus on their core business – developing the next generation of Mobile Technology products.

To find out more about how we can attract and introduce world-class talent to your organisation, contact:

Michael Wright, Mobile Technology Practice Head, 01908 565705, michael.wright@idealpeople.net

Ricky Garcha, Senior Associate Consultant, Mobile Technology, 01908 562487, ricky.garcha@idealpeople.net

Patrick Kennedy, Senior Associate Consultant, Mobile Technology, 01908 562503, patrick.kennedy@idealpeople.net


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