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Technology Consulting and Professional Services

It has always been our view that, despite the complexities associated with hiring for positions demanding high skill levels in a number of areas, there are few greater challenges than hiring the people who “bridge the gap” between the technology and the customer. These are the people who combine the raw technical skills with the ability to explain, sell and problem-solve directly to the customer or prospect – it takes more than intimate knowledge of a discrete number of skills for these people to be successful, and identifying those who have the softer skills as well as the “nuts and bolts” technical knowledge can lead to significant hiring problems.

Our screening techniques are able to eliminate those who have the technical capabilities, but lack the business acumen to make a success of this type of role, and vice-versa. Based around core technical and competency areas, our screening has been developed through years of daily interviewing, and allows us to confidently assess and introduce the best in the market.

Combine this with the knowledge that our approach incorporates not just contingency (advertising, database search) but search (headhunting) techniques to scour the entire candidate pool and you’ll understand why many of the top consultancy names rely on us to provide them with top talent, allowing them to get on with their core business – bridging the gap.

Our current consultancy clients include:


For more information on Technology Consultancy Services, please contact:

Nigel Edgecombe, Account Director, 01908 562743, nigel.edgecombe@idealpeople.net or Ben Coppock, Account Manager, 01908 562357, ben.coppock@idealpeople.net

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