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Speech Recognition Technology

Speech Recognition Technology – the tools used to allow computer systems to analyse and interpret human speech have been around since the 1980s, although it’s only been in the last ten years that developments in the technology have truly been harnessed – and technologies including dictation software, telephony systems, interactive voice response (IVR), medical transcription and robotics are flourishing as a result.

The complexity of the technology and the demands it places upon those developing it inevitably leads to a Recruitment Market which is fiercely competitive, and to a genuine shortness of the skills necessary for roles in Software Development, Software Test, Project Management, Senior Management and Professional Services. Companies involved in Speech Technology face significant problems in locating, attracting and hiring the people with the necessary skills and experience.

Idealpeople have been developing relationships with professionals working within Speech Technology, and have formed relationships with several leading technology vendors and hundreds of professionals with backgrounds in Hidden Markov Models, VoiceXML, CTI and phonetics/phonemics, syntactic analysis and language modelling – skills which cannot be found through traditional, advertising-focussed recruitment channels alone.

Customers in this vertical benefit from Idealpeople’s unique combined search and contingency candidate sourcing model, which combines traditional channels with an extensive headhunting strategy, allowing us to reach out to suitably skilled candidates, and allows our clients to hire the very best talent the industry has to offer quickly and with minimum pain.

Our current Speech Recognition clients include:

For more information or an informal exploratory conversation on Speech Technology recruitment with Idealpeople, please contact:

Andrew Dobbs, Head of Convergent Communications Practice, 01908 562135, andrew.dobbs@idealpeople.net

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